Final Year Undergraduate

Who am I ?

I am a blogger, programmer, freelancer, speaker and atlast a confused soul searching for more answers ending up more confused. Travelling is compulsory, and love to hack in new ideas blending in existing ones. Free time ? well under that, i try to sleep, read more about dark web, want to do some shit thing to make myself more private (UnAble)… hacakathon lover, event organiser and building some weird stuffs to make my life a more confused one …..

Research Instincts

This is the latest thing i am mainly into. Doing a lot of Data Science using Twitter Data extractions and building a information web analysing users and information flow in the network. Let see how it phase out. Follow me on Twitter for more updates.


I advise mainly in Python and Go some stuffs in QMl with remainder in Rust. Any git and software installation, yeah i take that vote too…. Web Programming is the main work i go for. You can find me on:-
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